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One Search

Have you ever wished you could search more than one library resource at once?

Your wish has been granted! One Search allows you to search EZRA, OhioLINK, many article databases, and even some open source article databases and online archives – all from one search box.

Resources included in One Search

Resources included in One Search

One Search has been designed to act more like Google. It will return hundreds of thousands of results,

If you aren’t sure where to start your search, try One Search. It will search many of the library’s resources at once so you don’t have to decide which database to search. One Search will bring back results that include items from multiple disciplines in a variety of formats. Ask a librarian how to narrow your result list by date, format, or discipline (email

If you prefer going directly to EZRA, OhioLINK, or a subject-specific article database, don’t worry – you still can. These tools are not going away. In some cases, these trusted resources are the ones we recommend first. If you are looking for a book and know the author or title, EZRA or OhioLINK is much faster and easier than One Search. Article databases are usually focused on a particular discipline, so your results will be automatically narrowed to articles published within that discipline.

Learn more about One Search:

Try it today! Go to and click the One Search tab.