Thomas Library Mission Statement
The mission of Thomas Library is to provide resources and services that meet the information needs of the Wittenberg University community. The Library will make available information resources that support and enhance academic inquiry at Wittenberg and will share these resources with the broader scholarly community as appropriate. The Library will help learners master the use of information resources in order to facilitate education at Wittenberg and to enable and encourage lifelong learning.

Thomas Library Blog
The Thomas Library blog aims to keep the Wittenberg University community and other library patrons up-to-date about the library. We will regularly post events, resources, tips, tricks and other useful and interesting tidbits. If you have questions about the blog, please feel free to email Alisa Mizikar at amizikar@wittenberg.edu.

Blog Administrators:
Alisa Mizikar, Reference Librarian and Outreach Coordinator
Ken Irwin, Reference Librarian and Library Web Guru
Doug Lehman, Library Director

Posting Guidelines
Blog posts should be timely and relevant to Thomas Library and the larger Wittenberg community. Blog posts will largely be written by members of the staff and faculty of Thomas Library, however, posts written by other members of the community may be considered for inclusion. Posts will be edited by blog administrators.

Policy on Comments
Thomas Library welcome comments to blog posts. However, comments will be moderated and blog administrators reserve the right to remove inappropriate content. Spam, personal attacks and comments unrelated to the topic at hand will not be posted.

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