Senior In Talks With Student Involvement To Sell Startup Wittlight

Senior Brian Hertzog created the website Wittlight at the beginning of the academic year, due to his frustrations of receiving countless Wittenberg emails and not having an organized calendar of campus events. Wittlight is a website created by students for students that announces upcoming events and contains student blogs in reference to both Wittenberg and Springfield.
Throughout the semester Hertzog has been in contact with Jon Duraj, Director of Student Activities, in regards to Wittlight becoming an aspect of Student Involvement following Hertzog’s graduation. To date no money has exchanged hands and the future of the website is still in discussion.
“It’s cool that Wittlight is run by students and is authentic and puts information out there in a way students want to access it,” said Duraj.
Hertzog created the website with the intention of allowing students to access hard news stories and pieces written by fellow peers that are based on a variety of topics. The homepage has several tabs including, arts, food and travel, local, sports, and events that are happening on Wittenberg’s campus and in the community of Springfield.
“So many people have good stories, but there’s not a good medium where students can easily share this info,” said Hertzog. “Hopefully this will help and solve the confusion and stress of receiving many emails. Also as an alumnus I will be able to check to see what is going on around campus.”
Wittenberg’s social media has been expanding in order to keep up with technological advances, such as Witt’s Happening, Wittenberg Greek Life and the Facebook and Twitter websites. Witt’s Happening, various social media channels, were launched this semester by the Student Involvement office. Both the Facebook and Twitter accounts promote events on campus, including weekly event videos and contests.
In August, Duraj will advertise Wittlight to all avenues of communication on campus. He would like to see leaders of student organizations, faculty, and the student body become involved with the website next year.
“I hope this site can paint an up-to-date picture of what a Witt student’s life looks life,” said Duraj.

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