Voting Frenzy Hits All-Time High as Election day Nears

November 6, this year’s election date, is less than a week away. Both the Obama and Romney campaigns are working hard to win over the still undecided voters. Most students here at Wittenberg are above 18, and therefore eligible to vote. The question is- will they be voting?

While many Wittenberg students are from Ohio, they are not from Clark County, and are not registered to vote here. Some have used an absentee ballot to vote in their home county.

Freshman Joslyn Heckert-Mitchell, from Pennsylvania,  said, “I have my absentee ballot, I just need to send it in. I am excited to be voting for my first time, so of course I made sure to get an absentee ballot.” For most students, this will be their first time voting in a presidential election.

The Campus Democrats have worked hard to get people registered to vote. Mikey Adams, a member of the Campus Democrats, said the organization registered 15 percent of Wittenberg Students in Springfield.

Adams continued, “We believe that it is everyone’s right to vote and have their voice heard. It may or may not be for the Democratic Party, but it is important to exercise this right.”

When people don’t like any of the candidates or do not agree with their policy, they often withdraw their vote. Others who aren’t voting have missed the deadline for the absentee ballot and the deadline for registering in Springfield.
There are other elections to participate in, such as the local elections.

Junior Stacy Jacobs said, “It is important to vote- not just for the presidential election, but also locally. Most people register and vote in the presidential election but ignore their local elections. The local elections tend to affect you directly as opposed to the presidential election. Make sure to do your research and not just vote- but be an informed voter!”