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Welcome Back, August 2012

Doug Lehman, Library DirectorWith the approach of Labor Day we turn our thoughts to the beginning of a new academic year at Wittenberg University and Thomas Library.

I want to personally welcome the students of the Class of 2016 and invite you to stop by Thomas Library during New Students Days. If you check your campus mail box you will find a post card from the library. Bring it in and drop it off at the Circulation Desk, and you will be entered in a drawing for a $100 gift card from the Wittenberg University Bookstore. If you have any questions about Thomas Library and the various services we offer, please feel free to e-mail me (dlehman at; or stop by, I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you.

To the students of the Classes of 2013, 2014 and 2015 I offer a warm welcome back to campus. I wish you the best as you return to Wittenberg for another year. For some of you this is your final year on campus and, all too soon, it will be over and you will be a graduate, heading out into the real world and leaving the “Witt Bubble” behind. You will have a degree and memories of all the good times with your classmates and friends. For others there is still much time for you to savor the opportunities before you and to take advantage of everything college life has to offer, including Thomas Library.

To faculty and staff I want to say “Welcome Back!” While the life of a university slows down during the summer, it does not stop, activity continues, first as we wind down from the previous academic year, then as we begin gearing up for the next year. It truly is a cycle. Of course, there are students, staff and faculty who are here pretty much all summer long — working, teaching and learning; I hope you had a good summer here on campus.

Wittenberg University is a special place in the world of universities and colleges. The small size of the student body makes this an ideal place for you to make lifelong friends and lasting memories. Consider the opportunities at Wittenberg that you would not have at a larger institution and take advantage of them. With so many extracurricular activities and events on campus, one should never get bored here.

The library staff stands ready to assist you in any way we can with your research and studies. Thomas Library has a fine collection of books and journals in the building. In addition, you have access to millions of other books and journal articles from the members of OhioLINK and beyond. The electronic resources, such as journal indices, full-text journals and electronic books, provide an unbelievable bounty of information to our students, faculty and staff. The Thomas Library staff is first rate and will do everything they can to assist you during your time here at Wittenberg. We hope to see you in the library soon.

Good luck to all!