Monthly Archives: December 2012

Vacation Reading — Get your books now!

As winter break approaches, now is a good time to check out some of the books that have been piling up on your list of “things to read”.

We have a small collection of leisure books (which includes books people might choose to read for fun…not so much for scholarly research). Stop by the library to browse the titles for inspiration; they are all located on a shelf to your left as you walk towards Audio-Visual Services.

If we don’t have anything of interest, you can always borrow books from OhioLINK.

This year, we debuted a new service called SearchOhio (more info at: You can think of it as an extension of our library, sort of like OhioLINK. The difference is that SearchOhio results come exclusively from public libraries, which means they have more fun stuff (rather than the mostly scholarly materials in academic collections like our own). Click here to use SearchOhio.

So whether you finally have the time to start reading some of the titles on “The List” (, catch up on “The Hunger Games” or are ready to get into the holiday spirit by re-watching “Elf” for the 500th time, your library has the hookup!

And remember you can renew most books ( long enough to keep them over winter break – the movies usually have a 7 day checkout period and no renewals.