Monthly Archives: May 2013 Free Ebooks through Creative Commons Licensing

Are you a fan of free ebooks? is a new program dedicated to using crowdfunding (just like Kickstarter) to provide free and legal access to ebooks its members want to read. works with rights holders to agree on fair compensation for releasing a free, legal edition of already published ebooks under Creative Commons licensing.  Once a book is unglued you may read it, copy it in any format or share it with anyone and on any device, worldwide.  Membership is free, and if you decide to give, you can choose any amount you like.  Members choose the books they want to unglue and if a campaign is unsuccessful, no one is charged.  The program is just getting started; about 20 books have been unglued so far.  To find out more, visit

Speaking of free ebooks, check out Bartleby for Harvard Classics or Project Gutenberg for over 42,000 classic and contemporary ebooks that are in the public domain (the copyright has expired).

To find out more about Creative Commons licensing, visit Follow this link to find out more about Public Domain.