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Mini Witt in Thomas Library

mini witt in Thomas Library 2014On Saturday, November 1, 2014, Thomas Library hosted nearly 100 neighborhood children as the site for the 2014 Mini Witt. Kristen Collier and Maggie Peale coordinated the visit from the children to give them a chance to experience life as a Wittenberg student. In addition to the neighborhood children a large contingent of Wittenberg students participated and served as group leaders and station leaders for the children.

Four stations were set up in the Library. Three were on the main floor and one on the third floor. On the main floor children found stations where they could decorate a graduation mortar board, play disc golf and read and color comic books. The third floor station was set up with the assistance of Scott Henry from the Boonshoft Museum. This was the messy station. The children got to make their own “slime” (at least that was my word for it). It was really a mixture of corn starch and water and water-based dye. Fortunately, everything cleaned up fine when it all dried out.

The children had a great time and enjoyed the activities designed for them. The Library was happy to host them and we look forward to doing it again in the future. Check out the additional pictures to see the children and their activities.