Monthly Archives: June 2022

Spotlight on Pride Month

This month we are celebrating Pride month! Next time you stop by Thomas Library, be sure to to take a look at our display located near the library’s entrance. There will be several books on display and they will be available for checkout. Below we have highlighted a few you might be interested in.

Sexual Minorities in Sports: Prejudice at Play by Melanie L. Satore-Baldwin

Explore the sexual and gender discriminations in sports with a great read. Melaine provides the reader with an informative book based on the struggles minorities face within the world of sports. To find out more regarding current and past struggles for gay athletes, pick up this book today!

Others of my kind: Transatlantic transgender histories by Alex Bakker, Rainer Herrn, Michael Thomas Taylor, and Annette F. Timm

Others of My Kind provides a window into a perspective long overlooked in the study of medical care for transgender people: the transgender people themselves. This book explores the personal relationships between transgender people and their medical providers across Europe and North America from the turn of the century to the 1950s. Using archived material, including hundreds of color and black and white photographs, the authors details the personal experiences of transgender people, many of whom lived anonymously in a world that did not accept them. Read what A. N. Weiss of Loyola Marymount University calls essential reading.

The Savvy Ally: A Guide for Becoming a Skilled LGBTQ+ Advocate by Jeannie Gainsburg

Written for allies by an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, The Savy Ally is a great resource for anyone wanting to be an ally or become a better one . Jeannie Gainsburg started as a volunteer at her local LGBTQ+ center and later worked as the center’s education and outreach coordinator. In this books she shares her years of experience and wisdom acting as an ally. This book is entertaining and witty while also being informative and enlightening.